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Welcome to FAQ's. This page answers your most frequently asked questions, where the team look to Jump through Hoops for you.

Hoola TV


Is Hoola TV free?

Yes, there is a Free package. However Hoola TV also has two other packages you can subscribe to: Essential and Ultimate with extra Channels available.

Why do you require my credit card details for the free 24 hours Ultimate trial?

We offer three packages: Essential, Ultimate and Ultimate Premium. All with a different number of channels and options available. For full details see Pricing.

If you would be happy with the 5 free channels, then just sign up. No payment details required. You can still sample the 60+ channels on Ultimate, then after 24 hours this will be reduced to 5 channels.


Sign Up

Go to the Sign Up page and enter your email and password twice. You will then be sent an email with a confirmation link, click on this and your email address will be registered. Once you completed this part you will be taken directly to the Watch Now page.

I did not receive a confirmation link?

Check your email providers spam folder. Check you have entered the correct email address, this will be displayed at the top of the web page with the option to change.

Log In

Go to the Log In page and use your email and password you entered on Sign Up.

I have forgotten my password?

Go to the Password Reset page and use the email you entered on Sign Up. You will then be sent an email with a reset link, click this and enter your new password twice and click to Log In.


Is it available on all browsers?

Hoola TV is compatible with all modern browsers, but we recommend the Google Chrome browser as it the most compatible with many types of devices.

How can I watch on my TV?

It depends if your smart tv is compatible, we are working on options so that it works with the default built in browser. However as they keep upgrading the software it is not always possible with every model.

Why not give the 24 hours Ultimate Trial a go for free, and test it out on your TV.

No sound?

Check the player is not muted. Check your browser tab is not muted. Check the sound with another website.

Video not playing correctly? Taking too long to load?

Refresh the page. Most intermittent issues can be resolved by simply reloading the Watch Now page. If the problem persists, try clearing out the browsers cache.


We try our best to support the widest range of devices possible, but often due to updates to operating systems some devices do become obsolete, or due to limitations of the hardware, they are unable to support our high-quality video playback. However, if your device is having issues please contact us and we will do our best to help.


Is Hoola TV compatible with Android?

Yes, HoolaTV is available on Google Play.

The screen is blank when I try to watch a programme?

This happens when the Android device does not have all the video/audio decoders to be fully compatible with all channels on HoolaTV.

No sound?

Check the player is not muted, this can be the default for phones/tablets.


Is Hoola TV compatible with iOS?

Yes, HoolaTV is available on the App Store.

No sound?

Check the player is not muted, this can be the default for phones/tablets.



Do you provide subtitles?

No, but we are looking in to the possibility of adding subtitles where available.

I have good Internet speed, however it keeps freezing?

Sorry that you are experiencing a screen freezing of the service. We pride our service as being the best quality possible as we run at extremely low bandwidth to optimise the experience. We have in general very strong positive feedback, but on buffering or freezing we cannot control things like type of product you are using and memory drive. Also, although your WIFI maybe a good strong signal sometimes the number of users or devices connected can affect the performance, and we can only suggest you try another device or alternative WIFI or 3G to see if the problem persists.

Some streams play slowly or suffer from stuttering. What can I do?

Please check your internet connection and try again. If your internet connection is Okay, it is probable that the streaming is reaching its maximum bandwidth capacity. Unfortunately, HoolaTV cannot do anything to solve this for you.

Some buffering problems can be improved by rebooting your router.

Error loading media: File could not be played
Error loading player: No playable sources found

These errors usually mean the video stream you are trying to watch is currently unavailable, please choose another channel or try later.


Is Hoola TV compatible with Chromecast?

Currently you can cast directly from the Chrome browser (Chromecast Setup). You need to install the chrome cast plug in and then the icon will appear in the top right hand side of your browser, then cast directly anything you browse for including HoolaTV (Adding the Cast button to the Chrome toolbar).

We are working on making both our Apps fully Chromecast compatible.

Is HoolaTV compatible with Roku?

No, sorry.


Permissions And Data

What do you do with my personal data?

HoolaTV respects your privacy and does not have any access to your contacts or other personal information on your device(s). We want you to enjoy your TV viewing, and are not interested in your personal life.

Do I need a TV Licence to view Hoola TV?

Yes, you do need a TV licence when viewing HoolaTV, as you use our technology to view content in realtime.

Still stuck?

Contact us

We are jumping through hoops for you, but if you have not found the answer to your specific question then please feel free to Contact Us.

Can I help The Hoola Team to help me?

Yes! First check you have downloaded the latest version of our App. If you still experience an issue could you provide as much detail of any problem that occurred including but not limited to:

Problem - What happened, any messages/error codes, on which channel or webpage URL
Device - Make, model and version
Connection - Ethernet, wifi or mobile 3/4G